5 Easy steps to get a that bond

1 - Prepare bond applicaion: We'll make sure we get all your documents in order and help you complete your application form.

2 - Submit Application: We will send your application to multiple banks, including your own, on your behalf.

3 - Negotiations: We fight on your behalf to get you the best deal.

4 - Choose an option:  We'll talk you through your offers and assist you with the offer that’s best for you.

5- Accept: Once you’ve decided on an offer, we’ll notify the bank and then you will soon become a home owner!

Our SAPROPERTY.COM bond orginiator will guide you throughout the home loan application process. Assisting you to make the best decisions for your unique circumstances. We’ll provide you with expert information, making the experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

Our Service is free and we get you the most competitive rate by sourcing multiple quotes for you to compare. Simply submit one application to SAPROPERTY.COM and we’ll apply to all leading banks on your behalf.  

Download your application form here.

Together with the application form, the following important documents are needed:

- Proof of income
- Copy of your South African ID or passport
- Copy of signed Offer to Purchase
- Proof of current residential address
- Official salary slip or stamped bank statement (either option needs to show history for the last 3 months)

Remember, to qualify for a home loan you have to:

- Be over 21 years of age
- Have been employed permanently for a minimum of 6 months
- Have no judgments or defaults on your credit profile
- Earn above the minimum salary requirement as set out by your chosen Bank

Instant online Estimate

As a general rule, you should look at spending no more than a third of your monthly income (after tax and deductions) towards your monthly bond repayments. Make use of a affordability and bond calculator to understand what you can afford when buying a property.Find how much you could qualify for, what the total amount of costs will be and even work out monthly repayments based on interest rate by using our finance calculator - click here for calculator

Bank's Loan to Value

Depending on whether you are a SA Citizen, Foreigner or SA Citizen living and working abroad, banks have various criterias on providing loans to different individuals.  The loan to value guidline breaks down what each leading bank considers.
Download LTV guideline

Contact our bond originator directly avia@saproperty.com or +2721 726 2447